Friday, January 4, 2013

Inaugural post

So this is the inaugural post of my new Book Forage blog. Yes, it is yet another blog about books. I will probably post other things from time to time, but it is primarily going to be about books. I am completely addicted to them. If I am not reading a book, then I am reading reviews or listening to audiobooks or just thinking about books. Occasionally I think about my next trip to the library, but that too is really about books. One of my favorite things about books is discovering new ones that look interesting. To me, the hunt for good books is almost as much fun as reading itself. Which is how this blog got its name - foraging about in a forest of books looking for the ones that catch your eye. The internet has made this hunt easier, but I still love browsing the shelves at the library, bookstore, or thrift store. I love the feel of a book in my hand - the weight, smell, and texture of the cover and pages. Thus my ever growing "Want to read" list. I plan on adding this list along with a books read list as separate blog pages, but that will be a work in process. I may try to add in my old reviews here and there in future posts, but I haven't decided yet. Even if I don't, I will at least provide links to them. I am currently "reading" 3 books. In print, I am reading The Photograph by Penelope Lively. It opens with a man finding a mysterious photograph of his dead wife.The photo causes him to question their whole relationship so he sets out to find out the truth, and as the book progresses we hear perceptions of his wife from many different characters. Then since I got a new tablet for Christmas, I am reading an e-book. I normally only try to read one book at a time, but one of my greatest pleasures in life is reading while in a warm bath and I am afraid of dropping my new tablet in the water and either being electrocuted (highly unlikely) or ruining the tablet (very likely, especially since I am quite clumsy) Anyway, the e-book that I am reading is The Peach Keeper: A Novel by Sarah Addison Allen. It is a lovely piece of Southern literature set in North Carolina. So far it seems pretty true to Southern life and reminds me of the books of Joshilyn Jackson, whose writing I adore. Finally, when I am doing housework or riding in the car in I listen to audiobooks. The one I am currently listening to is Two for the Dough Unabridged Audiobook (The Stephanie Plum Series, Book 2), the second book in Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. And that's that. The first post is now out of the way, and ideas for future posts are swirling through my head. Later on this evening, I think I will work on getting my lists entered, but first, Stephanie Plum is waiting for me in the kitchen with a sink full of dirty dishes.

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